Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sleepy Peapod.. one more day

Peapod is sleeping on my shoulder right now as I type up this message. These last two weeks have been hellish as we wait for results.

To Recap.. we started IVF and the shots went great. We had 5 eggs harvested which depressed Peapod to no end. The Doctor's and Nurses' pointed out that the eggs were really great quality, but the low numbers were understandably heart breaking.

Of the 4 ones that were really good, all 4 fertilized! By the weekend when we were ready to implant we had 2 really gone ones, one that was splitting slowly and didn't have great shape and one that never split. Considering Peapod's concerns about leftovers.. it really was the perfect amount.

So now.. it's been 2 weeks and tomorrow Peapod goes in for her blood work.

So... two week wait is almost over and we're going crazy.

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